Configuring NTP in VMware ITBM Standard Appliance (1.0.1)

Recently I was deploying ITBM Standard suite and faced the


 I need to configure a NTP server in ITBM Standard Appliance.


There is a time drift between ITBM appliance and vCAC & Identity
appliance, so ITBM registration with vCAC fails. [ vCAC & Identity
appliance are configured to use NTP server]


Need to update NTP configuration in ITBM appliance. Now like
other appliances ITBM standard appliance does not provide any Time server
setting in default https://<IP or
FQDN>>:5480 location. Option provided in documentation is below:
Configure NTP Server
You can configure the Network Time Protocol (NTP) server for
periodic time synchronization. NTP is an industry standard and ensures accurate
timekeeping in your guest.
Log in to the IT Business Management Standard
Edition virtual machine console.
Navigate to /etc/ntp.conf and add the command.
server %my-ntp-server%
fudge %my-ntp-server% stratum int
server %my-ntp-server% is the IP address or full
qualified domain name of the NTP server. stratum int specifies the stratum
number assigned to the driver in the range 0 to 15, both inclusive. This number
overrides the default stratum number assigned by the driver.
Check the status of NTP server by running the
chkconfig -a ntp command.
If the service is running, restart the service.
If the service is not started, start the service by running the
service ntp start command.
Disable the time synchronization by VMware Tools
by running the /usr/bin/vmware-toolbox-cmd timesync disable command.
To verify the status of NTP server, run the ntpq
-pn command.
This is a standard procedure for
any *nix based system. What surprised me was there was no apparent editor in
this appliance. I could not find “vi/pico/nano” any of the standard text
editors. So I had to take the following route (easiest route):
$ cp /etc/ntp.conf
$ echo “server” >> /etc/ntp.conf
$ echo “fudge
myserver stratum int 1” >> /etc/ntp.conf
$ chkconfig –a ntp
$ service ntp start
$ ntpq -pn
May be something that I am overlooking as it is really
unbelievable that appliance (SuSe) will come up without any text editor J

The above will help you if you faced the same issue. Let me know if I am missing something or you have other ways J

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