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How to Remote execute scripts inside a VM in vSphere

Purpose Hello All, Hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk about remotely executing scripts inside a VM which is hosted in vSphere environment. Recently I received the following requirement from a colleague for a customer. Environment: 1. Customer has hundreds of VMs 2. A particular application is running in many of the VM’s which crea How to Automation PowerCLI

How to access and utilize ESXCLI from PowerCLI

Purpose Today I am going to talk about an interesting feature of PowerCLI. Through PowerCLI you can utilize the full functionalities of ESXCLI commands. Question is why would you like to access Esxcli commands from PowerCLI cmdlets. The reason is there are certain tasks which can easily be done using Esxcli cmdlets because there are no simple cmdle How to Automation PowerCLI

vSphere Capacity Report

Purpose If you are an admin who manages a vSphere environment then you are in the right place. How many times did you wish for a report that would give you a holistic view of capacity of your environment? Well, I know you can get that from vRealize Operations Manager, but what about a simple script which can give you similar information but in more Automation PowerCLI

vSphere Security Check Script

Purpose Dear Readers, Its been long since I have written a blog. But as promised, we will collaborate here and continue to work towards making the scripts more stable and incorporate more features into it. Towards that goal I am writing this blog. When run, the script will automatically check whether security best practices are implemented in a vSp Automation PowerCLI